iKNiTO Handheld

This is an entirely new and state of the art tablet and smart phone based digital library with the full powers of a traditional digital library plus more.

Whether an institution already has a digital library or not, iKNiTO Handheld provides an easy and enjoyable means of accessing library or institution’s resources via smart and mobile devices.

Mobile technology has already impacted many aspects of people’s lives. Publishers too have started providing access to their products using mobile devices. Even traditional digital libraries have started adapting their software so that it may be run on tablets.

iKNiTO is a complete digital library fully designed for tablets and mobile devices. It even uses 3G/4G/LTE when available in order to provide access to the resources anywhere anytime non stop.

Who is iKNiTO for?

  • iKNiTO is ideal for these situations and possibilities but the list is non exhaustive:
  • A university which wishes to give full library access on 24/7 to its patrons
  • A public library which wishes it members to be accessing the library even when it is closed
  • A company which has most of its staffs stationed in fields and outside of its premises
  • A College which might not have a digital library and does not have the personnel to mange one but wishes to provide access to its students and staffs.
  • A hospitals whose doctors and clinicians are too busy during the day running from one case to another
  • A law firm which wishes to have access to the resources from inside the court
  • A consortium which wishes to increase its usage and have its members accessing resources much easier
  • A health authority with doctors and staffs stationed in remote areas where traditional network infrastructure for Internet and WIFI might not be supported but 3G/4G or faster access is available.

We believe that with time everybody will be using this novel idea. After all who wants to sit in front of a TV, or in a train, or even in a library and have a bulky laptop in front of him while he could be holding a smart device and read its articles on interest and continue doing his research.

Is it secure and safe?

Tablets and smart devices are no less secure than laptops and other computers. However, mobile technology enables us to add extra security as well as control. These are some example of what could be done:

  • Devices could have restricted access, so that an iKNiTO enabled tablet might not allow access to unrelated sites such as gaming and entertainment web sites.
  • Devices may be Geo-fenced so that they start working only in a pre determined geographical location
  • A stolen or compromised device may be tracked and found or be made unusable

Read More link this to the iKNiTO Security section

What other features

There are plenty of possibilities:

  1. Do research on your tablet even when travelling
  2. Use iKNiTO at all times
  3. Save book chapter and journal articles on your tablet to read them offline
  4. Read books and articles, online.
  5. Call your friends by your tablet
  6. Write notes of your class or meeting on your tablet
  7. Record voice in classrooms or meetings
  8. Take photos
  9. Record videos of procedures inside laboratories
  10. Listen to music while reading articles and books
  11. And many more