iKNiTO supports two aspects of security:

Access to library contents

Device security

iKNiTO uses a highly secure and pre-authorized access to resources via single sign on supported by Eduserv’s Athen (Read More)

Device security is highly critical in iKNiTO. This has become more important due to high usage of smart and handheld devices. However, we also appreciate that device security concerns of different institutions and their user groups might be completely different. As a result, iKNiTO is able to provide and adjust the level of device security in each case. Some of the major security concerns addressed by iKNiTO are as follows:

Web filtering policy, to limit access to unwanted sites

Geofencing, to limit use of the device to within a certain geographic boundaries

Stolen or lost device management

Telecom and communication access management

For further information please refer to iKNiTO Partnership Programs