iKNiTO Technology

Single Sign On (SSO) is the latest technology that permits you to login to all iKNiTO resources with one User Name and Password. With SSO you could login to iKNiTO anywhere, anytime even outside of university or institute should you be affiliated to one. We use an advanced authentication service to secure your account against abuse. No need to multiple user names and passwords to login to various publishers’ websites.

Advanced Browsing enables you to find invaluable titles (best databases, high ranked journals, awarded books, and best references) between thousands of titles quickly. No need to spend a great deal of your time to find most relevant titles. We monitor H-Index, Impact Factor™ from Thomson Reuters , reviews and national and international awards in evaluation of iKNiTO titles.

Web Scale Discovery (WSD) is the new generation of Federated Search. WSD enables you to search your favorite keywords between 1 Billion academic records via discovery simple search box, and then you will receive all related results in less than one second!!!

WSD indexes more than 1000 databases, such as Elsevier ScienceDirect, SpringerLink, Wiley Online Library, Taylor & Francis, Routledge, IEEE Xplore, OUP, CUP, CRC, Emerald, Nature, Science, ProQuest, Ebsco, …  daily to ensure, you will not miss any single record.

Link Technology helps us to connect you from abstracts and citations to full text articles or book chapters available in iKNiTO collections. We use open URL technology to guide you to the full texts simple and direct. iKNiTO uses 360 Link© and CrossRef© technology which make it the most accurate and update link service in the world.