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iKNiTO Suite

NotionWave of Canada presents a suite of integrated products, which offer state of the art in Digital Library Solution, Institutional Repository Management, Journal Management System, Scientific Conference and Event Management and Local Publishing.
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iknito Digital library

iKNiTO is a comprehensive digital library solution which is offered by NotionWave Inc. It is suitable for all institutions which provide online resources such as journals and books to their members and staffs. Universities, colleges, companies, banks, public libraries, hospitals, clinics, are just some examples of such institutes.
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iKNiTO Space

iKNiTO Space is our institutional repository system for academic, non-profit, and commercial organizations. It lets you preserve books, journals, presentations, courseware, video and audio productions, meeting minutes, archives, and in short whatever form of digital asset you have.
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Publication and Event Management System

We offer iKNiTO js for your Scholarly Journal Management and Publishing Automation. iKNiTO cs for full Scientific Conference Management and Publishing needs, and iKNiTO jval for Evaluation of your Local Journals. See more details in Products menu.
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iKNiTO Technology

Digital libraries have turned into a consolidated body of knowledge by using link technology. This means that once researchers have had a glance at summaries of articles, they are able to click on the full text link to go to the publisher’s site to download the original article.
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iKNiTO Suite of Products

iKNiTO is first and foremost a platform which provides a number of products which are all related to achieving both excellence and simplicity in knowledge management. While its products may be deployed stand alone, but the main objective has been to fully integrate them. These products are: iKNiTO: state of the art in digital library iKNiTO Space: Highly versatile institutional repository iKNiTO js: A fully automated journal management system for those interested in managing their journals publications iKNiTO cs: A fully automated scientific conference and exhibition management system iKNiTO jval: A comprehensive journal evaluation system Read More

iKNiTO for users

iKNiTO is a powerful Digital library which enhances your research, helps you publish papers and articles, and write up your thesis and dissertation or reports. The Handheld version helps you to be always connected to your digital library and use your time efficiently. Read More

iKNiTO for Librarians

Librarians would like to make proper decisions about extension of subscription to electronic resources of their library. iKNiTO helps them to answer the following questions which are essential for extending the terms of subscription to current resources or selecting new and alternative ones: Read More 

iKNiTO for decision makers

As a high-level manager of an institution, a university, or a research center or an IT specialist of a knowledge-based organization, have you ever confronted the following questions? Read More

iKNiTO Editions

iKNiTO is a state of the art digital library solution for institutions, which is build with two groups of people in mind: Librarians and their administration teams in one hand, and all members of the institute, or in other words users, on the other hand. While it has been quite common to focus on the former group in the design of digital libraries, iKNiTO is unique in its emphasis on the user group. iKNiTO comes in two versions: – iKNiTO Handheld Edition – iKNiTO Enterprise Edition iKNiTO Handheld is a mobile application for tablets and smart devices. It creates least hassles for librarians but provides the highest level of mobility and accessibility for its end users. iKNiTO Handheld enables students, staffs, researchers, doctors, managers, and other individuals affiliated to an institute to access their resources in a simple, easy, fast, and state of the art platform . The bundling of iKNiTo with tablets and smart devices stems from the fact that we strongly believe that in places where large volume of resources are provided to their patrons by university or corporate libraries, each user requires a tablet specifically as his or her digital library and solely for the purpose of accessing their required content anywhere and anytime. Available_AppStore_Button   Google-Play-button Read More




Academic Publishers



Education Records



Scientific journals, Magazines and newspapers



Books and Manuscripts Monograph

iKNiTO Content

iKNiTO is content neutral and does not provide any contents of its own. Institutes which acquire iKNiTO are responsible for online resources of their entity. However, should an institute require, iKNiTO and its supporting team can offer best suited contents based on various factors including of subjects of interest and ranks of resources. iKNiTO’s knowledge base has a very rich set of important information on each of the resources. Read More


iKNiTO supports two aspects of security: Access to library contents & Device security iKNiTO uses a highly secure and pre-authorized access to resources via single sign on supported by Eduserv’s Athen ,Device security is highly critical in iKNiTO.  


Support is at the heart of iKNiTO. While iKNiTO is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, similar to any other online service with 24/7 availability, it deploys a reliable and guaranteed support system.

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iKNiTO is based in Canada with offices and partners all over the world: HQ: 53, Wellington Street East, Aurora, Ontario L4G 1H6, Canada. Phone: +1 905 503 5352 European Operations: London, UK Middle East and North Africa: Dubai, UAE China: Shanghai