iKNiTO (sounds like i-neato) is KNiTO  for institutions. KNiTO family of products, which are designed and built by NotionWave INC. iKNiTO is an innovative idea to provide easy and cost effective access to high quality scientific information plus online research management, as well as writing and collaboration tools. It is intended for all segments such as academic, corporate, Government, finance, and more.  The product range is suitable for students, researchers, alumni, and all professionals anywhere, anytime.

iKNiTO is the first Digital library total solution that provides both campus wide and on the move access to an institution’s resources be it collections of databases, journals, books, dissertations, references, magazines, newspapers, images, videos, CME modules, training modules, and procedures for those who require at any level.

Users of iKNiTO, be they university professors and researchers, graduate/post-graduate students, undergraduates, and professionals with any specialty (such as physicians, lawyers, finance advisors, etc) will find iKNiTO to be an invaluable product. It can be used to provides a combination of high ranked contents and advanced tools in a very simple environment to meet your research or day to day information needs.

iKNiTO does not have any resource of itself. It relies on institution’s online resources. It, however, has a very rich and unique knowledge base combined with state of the art tools. The meta-knowledge, which forms the core of its knowledge base helps categorizing all various types of online resources into 9 main scientific disciplines. These are further classified into over 500 subjects.

iKNiTO hosts a number of state of the art and most advanced technologies. It is powered by Summon© from SerialsSolutions to search across an institution’s subscribed resources, as well as all academic and business resources available worldwide. It searches more than 1 billion records from famous publishers and popular platforms (such as ScienceDirect, Wiley Online Library, SpringerLink, Taylor & Francis, Informa, IEEE Xplore, ProQuest, and many more) and returns results in less than seconds. iKNiTO incorporates industry standard ranking information. As a result, one could find best journals and awarded books ranked by standard evaluation tools such as H-Index, Impact Factor and many more.

iKNiTO comes in two editions: Handheld, and Enterprise. iKNiTO handheld runs on tablets. In the Middle East, iKNiTO is offered on all Samsung smart devices in a special collaboration between NotionWave Inc. and Samsung. It does not matter whether an institution already has a digital library or not. The Handheld product is aimed at those individuals affiliated to the institution. It provides the best and most advanced means of access to institution’s resources anywhere anytime. iKNiTO Handheld is user’s digital library in his or her pocket or bag. The Enterprise edition is aimed at campus wide use. In other words it runs on all sorts of computers, laptops, tablets, and smart device browsers.