iKNiTO Digital Library

iKNiTO is a comprehensive digital library solution which is offered by NotionWave Inc. It is suitable for all institutions which provide online resources such as journals and books to their members and staffs. Universities, colleges, companies, banks, public libraries, hospitals, clinics, are just some examples of such institutes.


As a solution, iKNiTO works in a full cycle:

  • If you are building a new library, an experienced team helps you to decide about the best content for your institution based on your subjects of interest and industry standard ranks. However, if you are coming from a well established library, iKNiTO can assist you in evaluating your resources and help you in optimizing your collections, should this be required.
  • Once operational, iKNiTO helps you to disseminate information about resources, provide trials accesses to non-subscribed resources, and announce trainings and special events. It helps users to retrieve information in simple and easy ways. iKNiTO runs in almost all different desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile platforms. It helps you to take the library to your users rather than expecting users to come to the library.
  • iKNiTO provides a great deal of reports on usage statistics which help institutions to evaluate their content and if necessary change their acquisition policies or adjust them.


iKNiTO  is a powerful integration of information, tools, and library services:

  • It is a reliable and up to date source for content selection and collection development (Read more about Best Content)
  • It provides an opportunity for researchers to easily and quickly gain access to the digital library at any time and place (Read more about Single Sign On)
  • It helps you find the most valuable resources and quickly gain access to the most important journals, books, and digital references in the digital library ( Read more about Advanced Browsing ).
  • It enables you to search from among 1 billion academic records via Web Scale Discovery search box, and then receive all related results less than a second. It searches almost all famous resources in the world simultaneously. (Read more about Web Scale Discovery )
  • It provides an opportunity to easily and quickly find articles and documents in full-text/full-illustration versions which are available through your subscriptions (Read more about Link Technology)
  • It automatically updates (via Alert, SDI and RSS) professors, researchers, and other users of the library on their favorite subjects.
  • It is a powerful tool for libraries to inform their users about current and new digital sources related to their needs and specialty.
  • It enables libraries to design, administer, and manage training courses based on assessment of educational needs of different departments and requests from users of the digital library (Read more about Training)
  • It produces reports which enables librarians to evaluate their content usage based on various criterion (Read more about Report)