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iKNiTO is a state of the art digital library solution for institutions, which is build with two groups of people in mind: Librarians and their administration teams in one hand, and all members of the institute, or in other words users, on the other hand. While it has been quite common to focus on the former group in the design of digital libraries, iKNiTO is unique in its emphasis on the user group.

iKNiTO comes in two versions:

  • iKNiTO Handheld Edition
  • iKNiTO Enterprise Edition

iKNiTO Handheld is a mobile application for tablets and smart devices. It creates least hassles for librarians but provides the highest level of mobility and accessibility for its end users. iKNiTO Handheld enables students, staffs, researchers, doctors, managers, and other individuals affiliated to an institute to access their resources in a simple, easy, fast, and state of the art platform . The bundling of iKNiTo with tablets and smart devices stems from the fact that we strongly believe that in places where large volume of resources are provided to their patrons by university or corporate libraries, each user requires a tablet specifically as his or her digital library and solely for the purpose of accessing their required content anywhere and anytime.

iKNiTO Handheld gives an individual and personal access to what an institution such as a university or corporate has in terms of resources. It reflects all access policies of the institution and exerts a high level of security.  Read more about iKNiTO Handheld

iKNiTO Enterprise is a comprehensive digital library solution. It is a state of the art product which uses the latest in software design and technology and information management in order to provide a simple and unique and yet rich interface to all of an institution’s information as well as information beyond the institution’s library.

iKNiTO Enterprise runs on browsers of multiple platforms and computers from large desktops to small smart devices. Read more about iKNiTO Enterprise