iKNiTO for users

iKNiTO is a powerful Digital library which enhances your research, helps you publish papers and articles, and write up your thesis and dissertation or reports. The Handheld version helps you to be always connected to your digital library and use your time efficiently.

iKNiTO has the most powerful search tool (Web Scale Discovery). You could find most relevant records to your keywords in less than a second and then click on full text links to have access to their full text, depending on your institutional subscriptions. You could save your time and do better research and keep a competitive edge.

Save or export of citations and full text in iKNiTO. You can export them to your favorite Reference Manger and write your article with any standard format that you need. It saves your time to write articles quick and accurate.

iKNiTO-Handheld offers a very attractive mobile solution which includes high quality content, cutting edge technology, and various types of Tablets to access your library as easily as possible.

As we use most advanced smart devices in our package, you as an end user could:

  1. Do research on your tablet even when travelling.
  2. Use iKNiTO at all times.
  3. Call your friends by your tablet.
  4. Record your professor’s voice in classrooms
  5. Take photos
  6. Record videos of procedures inside laboratories
  7. Write notes in your tablet
  8. Listen to music while reading articles and books