iKNiTO for decision makers

As a high-level manager of an institution, a university, or a research center or an IT specialist of a knowledge-based organization, have you ever confronted the following questions?



  • How can I purchase or subscribe to the best electronic resources with maximum quality and minimum cost?
  • Considering our budget, is this electronic resource the most suitable one for my university/research center?
  • In spite of considerable costs, my researchers have access to the resources of our digital library only in certain places and during limited hours of day and night. Is there a quick and easy solution to this problem?
  • The digital library has various resources but my researchers do not know which article, journal, book or electronic reference is the most suitable for them and where to find it.
  • To use various resources available in the digital library, one should be familiar with tens of different search engines and environments and most of our users are not familiar with these. How could they search for their needed subjects among all these sources in a simpler and faster way?
  • Can my researchers search resources which have been purchased as well as ones developed locally or in-house all at the same time?
  • How can my researchers gain access to full-text version of articles and documents with one click and without loss of time after they found the summary of it?
  •  Is there an effective tool to be used for a quick and useful promotion of the available resources in my library?
  • From an educational point of view, which resources are most needed by researchers of a university? And more importantly, which researchers have used the training courses held in the organization? Which section has been in need of more training and on which electronic resource?
  • Have my researchers received adequate benefit from a particular resource? Has it been an economically sound decision to buy this resource? Is it possible to receive regular management reports and compare them?

Certainly, these questions and tens of others have always been among your concerns as you are spending hundreds or even millions of dollars per year to buy digital sources. iKNiTO can help you answering these and more.