Advanced Browsing

Advanced Browsing is one of the most important features of iKNiTO. It enables universities and other institutions, which have invested heavily on electronic materials (including books, journals, databases, etc.), to recommend most appropriate resources on a certain subject to their researchers and users. Though the browsing service included in the website of most publishers has an A-Z subject field, it is impossible to use the service efficiently due to application of various categorization standards. The followings are some of the more prominent features of advanced browsing in iKNiTO:

  • iKNiTO is unique in that its knowledge base contains various types of resources such as databases, online journals, online books, electronic references and many more from a large number of publishers. The knowledge base, which is regularly updated, provides a uniform subject classification across all types of resources within the digital library.
  • iKNiTO knowledge base has a subject tree which starts by categorizing all resources into 9 categories. These are each further classified into main subjects relevant to each of the categories and in turn each main subject is further qualifies by branching into more detailed sub-subjects. As a result there are over 500 subjects, which could help researchers to find the most relevant resource for their use.
  • iKNiTO enhances subject classification by providing some crucial ranking information for each resource when available. Prominent among them are journal ranking based on Impact Factor™ from Thomson Reuters. and H-INDEX, as well as Best Books.